King of Ghosts

This book has come a long ways since the beginning. I started writing over a year ago.

Title – The title comes off a bit tacky, I know. I’ve gone through tons of title ideas and this one seemed the most fitting right now. The subtitle “Prince” could be “Rogue” or a number of other things. The first book was too long so  I split it, thinking I’d subtitle them “Prince” and “Priest”. This is following Detrix’s development/identity. If I did followed Howes it would start “Rogue”, but by the second book it’d be kind of a spoiler. 😉

Genre – Primarily a high fantasy. Paranormal and LGBTQI, M/M romance.

Claudia R. Silvers (Me)

I’m kind of a dork with a weird sense of humor. I’m constantly trying to use humor and failing at it most of the time (I’m not deterred, I’ll get it!) I was working that one job everyone says, “I could never do that” to. As it turns out, watching the sun from a tiny cubical through a tiny, high window while taking calls from emotional people is about as miserable as it gets. If you’ve had the miserable joy of working at a call center too I’m sure I seem pretty spoiled having a window I could see daylight from and all. Believe me, I felt pretty lucky all considered, but miserable jobs are miserable jobs.

King of Ghosts started as an escape. Before it, I had taken a long break from writing. I loved writing as a youngster, but as I got older I thought it was an impractical dream. The problem is, if you’re a writer at your core, you can’t stop yourself from doing it. On my breaks I’d go outside and thumb-type on my phone, in a notepad type app (and Google Docs eventually) characters and dialogue. Then a story began to form and I thought, “I can make something more of this.”


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